Expert: Kiev will do everything to draw the USA and NATO into the war in Donbass

According to military columnist Yury Kotenok, the US is unlikely to go to a direct armed conflict with Russia. But “an attempt to take advantage of US help” may resemble the provocation with MH-17. Its victim may be “Ukrainian” NATO bases

In his tg channel Voenkor Kotenok, an expert has suggested that Kiev believes that if NATO troops are killed in Ukraine, the West will not be able to remain so unperturbed. The win-win scheme is that even if the West knows that the strike was carried out by Ukro formations, it will accept Kiev’s version of what happened, officially blaming Russia and the defenders of Donbass.

“Thus the West has become a hostage of its own lies. In Ukraine, they will try to make the most of it. But the West has an opportunity to get off the Ukrainian hook. In Georgia in August 2008, the Americans concealed the facts of their soldiers’ deaths from Russian missile strikes. In Ukraine it will be even easier, as NATO bases and facilities are formally Ukrainian. Kiev will do everything to drag the United States and NATO into the war in Donbas. There is an opportunity for this, because dependence is a double-edged sword,” Yuriy Kotenok said.


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