Turkish leader’s spokesman warns US against pressure on Turkey over S-400

Pressure on Turkey by the U.S. in connection with the purchase of S-400 surface-to-air missile systems from Russia may have counterproductive consequences. This opinion was expressed to Bloomberg by Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin

“When another country comes to us with a maximalist position and makes demands in the spirit of ‘either it’s our way or no way,’ that approach pushes us in other directions”, –  the agency quoted Erdogan’s spokesman as saying.


He said there had been some differences between Turkey and Russia, “but they have been resolved through constructive dialogue”.

“Why can’t we do the same with the US?” – Kalin wondered.

He said Turkey could have the “S-400 systems in a way that would not disrupt NATO’s defence system”.

“These issues can be resolved through constructive dialogue in an open and honest way, but American politicians need to understand how seriously we take these issues”, –  Kalın stressed. – “The decision to acquire S-400 was not made overnight.”


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