Tikhanovska says she intends to meet with Biden

Former presidential candidate noted that the U.S. supports the country’s movement towards democracy and is involved in resolving the crisis

Former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya intends to visit the United States, where she hopes to meet with President Joe Biden. She said this on Monday during the press conference in Geneva.

“We are in contact with Washington, we are communicating, and we heard a strong message from Joe Biden after he was elected”, –  Tikhanovskaya said.  – “The U.S. is already paying attention to Belarus at the moment,” she said, adding that the country “supports Belarus’ move towards democracy” and “is already involved in the crisis resolution to some extent.” She informed about her earlier conversation with the American ambassador to Belarus. According to the former presidential candidate, there is hope for “arranging a visit to Washington, but [the] COVID-19 pandemic is a problem”. She did not name possible dates for the trip across the ocean, noting, however, that during such a visit she “hopes to meet the [US] president”.

Asked about Russia’s policy towards Belarus, she expressed her “disappointment” in Moscow’s support to the Belarusian leadership.

“We want to remain an independent country, we want to develop our Belarus,” Tikhanovskaya said. – We are in an alliance with Russia, and that won’t change. <…> We have great trade relations with Russia and we want to keep it at the same level – maybe more transparent and more open. We must live and remain in the same relationship with Russia.

The former presidential candidate informed that she “wants to return to Belarus as soon as possible,” expressing the hope that “this will happen in the coming months.

“Our goal is to hold new elections in September or October”, –  she added.

Tikhanovskaya, who is now in Switzerland, said she intended to meet with representatives of the UN, the European Union and human rights organizations. Meetings with Swiss representatives have not been ruled out either.


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