Saakashvili reveals $37bn annual embezzlement scheme in Ukraine

Chairman of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of reforms announced another “crusade” against corruption

According to, the former president of Georgia, and now a Ukrainian official in the rank of minister revealed that the Ukrainian economy is losing billions of dollars annually, which could have gone into the country’s budget.

“These figures are not coming from the ceiling. They are the result of a year of our work in many areas of reforms. Moreover, in a live broadcast by Savik Shuster these figures were confirmed by the heads of all major financial departments. Not only nobody challenged our data, but on the contrary, they said that the real figures are even bigger. That is, in fact, everyone admits that I am right”, –  he later wrote on Facebook.

To confirm his words, an infographic was shown on air showing losses in various industries:
$6bn – “twisting” of the APR and conversions;
$6 billion in envelope wages;
$6 billion – losses of state-owned enterprises;
$6 billion – offshoring;
$5 billion – illegal use of subsoil resources;
$3 billion – customs corruption;
$3 billion – government procurement;
$1 billion – excisable goods;
$250 million – forestry;
$500 million – dormant mining licences;
$500 million – shadow land leasing.


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