Pushkov: US Patriot systems have failed in their service to Saudi Arabia

According to the Russian senator, the operation of US SAMs in Saudi Arabia is a convincing anti-advertisement of these systems

The US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in service with Saudi Arabia have once again shown their low effectiveness against Hussite ballistic missiles, the Military Observer tg channel reports.

“The exact number of missiles the militants fired at targets in the kingdom is unknown at the moment, but several of them managed to hit their targets,” the channel’s authors write, “Riyadh urgently needs Russian Pantsir-S1, Tor-M2″ and S-400. Against the backdrop of growing Saudi-Washington controversy… this scenario may well come to pass.

Renowned publicist Alexei Pushkov said the Americans could hardly come up with a worse “advertisement” for their combat systems.

“The American Patriot systems, which the US is trying to impose on Turkey without much success and more successfully impose on its other allies, have once again shown themselves to be not at their best in Saudi Arabia. Their performance in Saudi Arabia, where they are supposed to repel missile attacks under combat conditions, is a strong anti-advertisement of these systems”, –  he wrote in his tg-channel.


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