Media: Indian authorities believe Iran was behind Israeli embassy bombing in New Delhi

Iran allegedly planned the attack and representatives of the local Shia faction carried it out, experts say

Al-Quds forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran’s elite Armed Forces) were behind the bombing outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi that took place in January. This was the conclusion reached by India’s counter-terrorism agencies in an investigation, The Hindustan Times reported Monday, citing sources.

According to experts, Iran allegedly planned the attack and representatives of a local Shia association carried out the plan.

“The fact that the bomb was of low power, that no human casualties were planned, was probably due to the Iranians’ unwillingness to spoil relations with a friendly country – India”, –  the newspaper quoted an Indian counter-terrorism expert as saying.

The newspaper notes that a letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador to India was found at the site of the incident. The author of the letter calls the diplomat a terrorist. Forensic examination showed that the letter was written by an Iranian, the newspaper reported.

An explosion outside the Israeli diplomatic mission blew up in the centre of New Delhi on January 29. No one was injured.


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