Media: EU preparing sanctions against companies linked to Myanmar military

The European Union may prepare a sanctions proposal against Myanmar by March 22 for discussion at the EU Foreign Affairs Council, Reuters reports

According to the agency, the restrictions will affect those companies that generate income or provide financial support to the Myanmar armed forces.
Restrictive measures may also affect military and police officers who have used force in dispersing demonstrations held in various cities in the country since the February coup and the ouster of the civilian government.

The EU had earlier suspended all cooperation programmes with Myanmar, responding to the country’s unconstitutional military rise to power.
The National League for Democracy (NLD) won Myanmar’s parliamentary elections in autumn 2020, winning 396 of 476 seats. This allowed the party to once again form the government for the next five years.

“The military-backed Solidarity and Development Party won only 33 mandates. Army representatives complained of fraud and challenged the results in the supreme court, but the electoral commission found no evidence of fraud.”

The military then declared a one-year state of emergency on February 1 and detained leaders of the state – President Win Myin and the State Councillor (a position similar to that of prime minister), Foreign Minister and leader of the ruling PDL, Aung San Suu Kyi.
Other high-ranking party officials in the regions and several local officials were also among those detained. A wave of rallies swept across the country afterwards, with reports of protesters being killed in the crackdown.


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