Belarus to launch Sputnik V vaccine production at the end of March

Belarus will launch commercial production of the vaccine Sputnik V on March 30-31

The trial is currently undergoing testing in Russia. This was stated by deputy head of the Ministry of Health of the Republic Dmitry Cherednichenko.

“February 26, the first batch, so-called validation batch, of 15 thousand vials was released. They are now being tested at the Russian Gamaleya Institute for stability, efficacy and so on. And on March 30-31 we will start producing the vaccine. We plan to produce 500 thousand doses every month”,  –  Cherednichenko said.

According to him, the most important thing is to saturate the Belarusian market.

“First of all we are talking about vaccination of the population of our country. When it is possible to export the vaccine we will supply it abroad. In particular, the contract provides for that”, –  said the deputy minister


Cherednichenko also noted that at present the Sputnik V vaccine is the one that really has the highest efficiency.


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