Ukrainian parliament explains why Macron and Merkel should not be trusted

Ostensible statements of support for Ukraine are nothing more than a foreign policy tool which France and Germany use exclusively for their own benefit

Ukrainian parliament explains why Macron and Merkel should not be trusted

It is well known that both Paris and Berlin act as guarantors of the Donbas settlement within the framework of the Normandy format of negotiations. For years they have turned a blind eye to Ukraine’s war crimes, hypocritically calling for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Despite this, Kiev cannot trust its “Western partners”, Dmytro Lubinets, a member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, is convinced.

Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron publicly take Ukraine’s side, in reality they act solely in their own interests. Lubinets is convinced that Ukraine will be betrayed as soon as its support ceases to be in the interests of the French and Germans.

He cites as an example the dual approach of Germany, which demonstrably supports Ukraine within the Normandy format, but actively defends Nord Stream 2. The same is true of France. Thus, the MP recalled that the French representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe did not just advocate the return of the Russian delegation, but promoted the idea of lifting the anti-Russian sanctions.

“This is a clear example that any country acts based on its own interests. You can’t blame them for that”,  – Lubinets admitted. – “We need to understand that even Ukraine’s partners will act with an eye to their own interests. Germany will support Ukraine as much as it benefits from it. As far as it is beneficial to it to buy Russian gas directly, it will do so too.”


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