Trump will oppose re-election of senator who supported impeachment

Former US President Donald Trump intends to oppose the re-election of Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski

She was one of seven lawmakers who supported impeachment against Trump in the upper house of the US Congress.

“Under no circumstances will I support Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state poorly and the country even worse. I don’t know where people will be next year, but I will be in Alaska campaigning against a very bad senator”, –  Trump said in a statement published by The Politico newspaper.

The US Senate acquitted Donald Trump on 13 February as part of his impeachment proceedings, which were initiated by Democratic Party representatives. The former White House chief was accused of sedition after Trump’s remarks on 6 January.
On that day, supporters of the former president gathered in Washington for a rally of thousands in support of Trump, stormed the Capitol building and tried to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from certifying the results of the election, which he won.


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