The National Interest: Ukraine should use Sputnik V

According to the American magazine The National Interest, Kiev has failed to organize an effective vaccination campaign for the Ukrainian population and is obliged to use the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus Sputnik V to save its citizens


“For a country like Ukraine, one of the poorest in Europe, and with a post-Soviet healthcare system ill-prepared for the devastating effects of the coronavirus, news of Sputnik V’s machine-gun effectiveness should be welcome news […] Why then did the Ukrainian government immediately ban it in early February?”, –  wondered journalist Lilian Posner.

She pointed out that Ukraine was way behind other European countries in the beginning of the immunization program which got off to a rather poor start. The first shipment of vaccines was made only last week, and there are already reports of numerous failures and side effects.

According to Posner, the Ukrainian authorities should use Sputnik V despite the geopolitical differences between Russia and Ukraine. After all, only an effective vaccine against the coronavirus can save Ukrainians.


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