Scandal erupts in Serbia over illegal wiretapping of president and his family

Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic, his father, brother and son have been bugged more than 1,500 times in total

The President announced about the illegal wiretapping at the National Security Council session that took place the day before. According to him, 1,572 cases of wiretapping have been recorded. In reality, however, the number could be much higher.

“It is important for me, which I am proud of, that there was nothing compromising for prosecutors or the Interior Ministry in any of those conversations”, –  Vucic said.

The fact that the President was wiretapped has long been known, but it has not been possible to determine who was doing it and under whose instructions. The incident is classified as a felony under article “Attempt to overthrow the constitutional order”.

It is worth noting that the president’s brother Andrej, father Andjelko and son Danilo were also wiretapped.

Aleksandar Vucic is known as a fierce fighter against crime in Serbia. Earlier it was reported that the president was under threat due to the arrests of members of Montenegrin mafia clans. It’s true that not only criminal gangs are interested in wiretapping. According to reports, agents of 55 secret services from 40 countries are operating in Serbia.


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