Polish general talks about NATO helplessness in possible war with Russia

The former commander of the Polish land forces, General Waldemar Skrzyczak, in an article for the Polish military-analytical publication Defence 24, described the scenario of possible hostilities in Kaliningrad with the participation of NATO troops


According to Skrzynczak, Kaliningrad region is a “gateway” leading to the Baltic Sea and the Polish lowlands, through which the route to Central and Western Europe runs. The general noted that the main forces of the Baltic Fleet and troops of the Kaliningrad Defence Area (KDA) are stationed in this region, which could be used for an entirely different purpose than to provide a sea and air advantage.

“One possibility is to block NATO units from moving by land, sea and air into the Baltic states, as well as to support the Russian 6th Army, which is stationed behind their eastern border”, –  Skrzczyczak said.

The Polish general believes that the Russian 6th Army, cooperating with the Baltic Fleet, would take two to four days to capture the Baltics. After the possible capture of the Baltics the main action could be shifted to the southern part of the Baltic Sea and to the shores of Poland.


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