Hunger threat forces British authorities to drop some Brexit conditions

Boris Johnson’s government intends to lift customs restrictions on food imports from the EU, as Britain would otherwise face a dangerous food shortage

As previously reported by News Front, after Brexit a full-fledged border was created between the United Kingdom and the European Union, but neither the authorities nor business were ready for stricter customs controls. This has led to bureaucratic delays and truck delays at checkpoints.

The worsening situation means famine for Britain, so the authorities have decided to abandon the measures that they themselves introduced as part of Brexit. It is expected that customs controls at the border will be as easy as possible from April 1, says The Guardian, citing its own sources in Whitehall.

The new Brexit minister, David Frost, has already ordered “a review of the timetable to make sure we are not putting unnecessary burdens on business”, the journalist’s source said. Nevertheless, he said, “no decisions have been taken at this stage”.

“The concern is that if we continue with additional inspections and move on to import inspections, exporters will not be ready, and on this side we are not ready either. So far, there is neither the infrastructure nor the number of customs officers needed to do all this. We have already seen how badly exports have suffered. The next nightmare could be imports”, –  a source told the publication.


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