Ukraine did not count on this – expert tells how modern trends will destroy the country’s economy

Contrary to the position of the Kiev authorities, Ukraine, at its best, will be reorganized into a confederation.

For many years, the Ukrainian authorities have resisted the federalization of the country, although this step would resolve many conflicts that have matured in society due to the nationalist policies of Kiev.

“Ukraine is a unitary state, we will not allow any federalization in the key elements of the functioning of states”, – said the oligarch and war criminal Petro Poroshenko as president.

But the reality is not conducive to such a position. Ukraine is confidently moving towards disintegration, and not because of the Euromaidan and the events that followed. The economic crisis is much more tragic for Ukraine, says the political strategist Marat Bashirov in a commentary for the publication.

He recalled that the country’s economy is in an extremely deplorable state, and its industry is no longer able to modernize, adjusting to modern trends.

“Considering the tendencies that have emerged in Europe regarding the reorientation to “green” industry, to decarbonization of production, the Ukrainian economy never meets the criteria set by Europe. They simply won’t buy anything there”, – the expert explained.

The domestic market of Ukraine is unable to compensate for the loss of foreign customers. All this will lead to the fact that Ukraine will cease to exist, becoming, at best, a confederation, Bashirov is sure.


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