Russia to launch satellite system that will allow to destroy enemy ships

The Liana system will be the successor to the Soviet ICRC Legend.

The Liana global satellite maritime reconnaissance and target designation system will be deployed by the end of 2021. As the military expert Anton Lavrov told Izvestia, now only one of the system’s components is in earth orbit, namely the Lotus-C1 reconnaissance satellite. The Pion-NKS apparatus will soon join it.

Coordinated by a powerful computer, satellites will calculate the coordinates of even stealthy aircraft carrier groups in real time. This will allow cruise missiles to be guided unmistakably at enemy ships.

Elements of the “Liana” system are brought to an altitude of 800-900 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This allows you to make satellites inaccessible to arm the enemy. The service life of satellites is at least 7 years and is limited by the fuel supply and wear and tear of the onboard electronics.

In the Soviet era, the ICRC “Legend” performed well in the Falklands War, collecting data on the movement of British warships. The system seriously worried the American administration, prompting the United States to create anti-satellite weapons.


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