Record number of migrants arrested in U.S. during the month of Biden’s presidency

Despite promises to liberalize migration policy, in February security officials detained about 100,000 migrants at the US-Mexican border.

The influx of migrants is explained by the fact that Joe Biden, while still a presidential candidate, promised to abandon Donald Trump’s tough migration policy. But the democrat never realized his promises, and tens of thousands of migrants were trapped.

As reported by Reuters, the statistics of the detained migrants are not officially disclosed. This is probably due to the reluctance of the administration to spoil the ratings of Biden, with whose promises there are problems. However, sources familiar with the situation told the reporters that the number of detainees is approaching 100,000. There are also children among them, and unaccompanied by adults. The rate was the highest since June 2019 overall and the highest in February since 2006.

According to government data, which were at the disposal of journalists, in just one day, border guards detained over 4.5 thousand migrants.

Against this backdrop, Biden faces pressure from both Republicans and Democrats. The former criticize the president for his desire to abandon the rigid migration policy. The second – for its continuation, since the new administration does not hesitate to use dubious methods, such as opening isolation wards for migrant children.


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