Domestic violence rises in EU countries due to COVID pandemic

The European Commission has released a report on gender equality, according to which the coronavirus pandemic has severely affected women’s rights.

“Women are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic and are more affected by it. We cannot afford to roll back and must continue to strive for justice and equality”, – said Vera Yurova, Deputy

Chairman of the European Commission Yurova stressed that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated inequality between women and men in all spheres of life, “throwing back the achievements of the past”.

“In addition, due to the pandemic, the number of cases of domestic violence has increased dramatically. For example, in France the indicator increased by 32%, and in Lithuania – by 20%. In Ireland, the number of domestic violence cases has grown fivefold, and the Spanish authorities have reported an increase of 18%”, – the report says.


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