“Complete mess”: the British criticize vaccination policy in the EU

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail, in their comments to the material on the vaccination policy in the EU, expressed the opinion that this process could “destroy the European Union”.

Daily Mail author Tim Stickings noted that Germany had approved AstraZeneca’s drug to vaccinate people over 65 the day before, despite an initial ban on the vaccine for older people. According to Stickings, in this way the EU intends to accelerate the “stumbling” vaccination program. Another “lifeline” was the beginning of the examination of the registration dossier of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”.

“We have to ask the Russians for help. Poor EU”, – wrote LilleyBeau.

“The failed pan-European superpower is crumbling before our eyes”, – says Mister Belloc.

“Wow. They call Russia an enemy, but they happily accept its vaccine”, – said SpeakTruly.

According to the user with the nickname Cynical, in the EU, politics “prevailed over common sense and put many lives at risk”, thereby showing how inept the Brussels machine is when it comes to real problems.


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