Russian ambassador calls US claims on human rights in Russia unacceptable

Anatoly Antonov said that no one has the right to teach Russia how to live in a right way.

According to TASS, a statement by the Russian ambassador in Washington was published on the Facebook page of the Russian embassy, ​​in which it is said that Russia considers the US claims regarding the human rights situation in the Russian Federation unacceptable.

“We consider the claims on human rights issues to be especially unacceptable. No one has the right to teach us how to live”, – the Russian diplomat said, speaking at the Cosmos Club discussion club.

“What is the hysteria that we hear in connection with the situation around Navalny. First, we are categorically required to confess guilt for allegedly poisoning him with the use of chemical weapons. At the same time, any of our counterarguments, requests for obtaining factual information are swept aside without a clear explanation. Then the American authorities, without bothering to present evidence, impose further sanctions against Russia”.

Antonov also stated that “Russia has been declared the enemy of the United States”.

“To counter the “Russian threat” military potential is being built up, military-political alliances are being strengthened. We are threatened with sanctions. Methods of unfair competition are used against us”, – the ambassador said.

According to Antonov, in terms of bilateral relations, the Russian Federation and the United States are “at a crossroads”.

“Strategic stability, peace in the world, the opportunity for the peoples of Russia and the United States to progressively develop the economy, the state of which determines the well-being of ordinary Russians and Americans, depend on how our dialogue develops”, – the Russian ambassador said.


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