Fox News, Washington Times: the way one of Democrats’ top conspiracy theories failed to implement

On Thursday, March 4, the House of Representatives canceled the meeting due to concerns about a possible attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters in order to carry out a “real inauguration” (which was previously celebrated on March 4). These concerns were expressed by Nancy Pelosi and supported by Democrats.

According to Fox News, many liberals were convinced that March 4 was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin. They believed that the so-called “QAnon Inauguration Day” will take place on March 4th. At the same time, correspondents note that modern liberalism is not a coherent worldview, it is a deeply unhappy, nervous type of personality, which tends to build conspiracy theories about what is opposed to their concepts.

House Democrats and QAnon conspiracy theorists now have one thing in common: both made predictions for Thursday that didn’t come true.


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