Sri Lanka registers Sputnik V vaccine

Sri Lanka has registered the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said in a statement.

“RDIF announces the registration of the Russian vaccine against COVID named Sputnik V in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Registration of the drug was carried out as part of an emergency use authorization (EUA) procedure”, – the fund said.

Thus, Sputnik V was registered by 43 countries with a total population of over 1.1 billion people.

Sputnik V is one of the world’s top three coronavirus vaccines in terms of the number of approvals received by government regulators.

Currently, the use of the Sputnik V vaccine is also approved in Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia, Algeria, Palestine, Venezuela, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, the Republic of Guinea, Tunisia, Armenia, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Republic of Serbian (Entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lebanon, Myanmar, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bahrain, Montenegro, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Gabon, San Marino, Ghana, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, Egypt, Honduras, Guatemala, Moldova, Slovakia, Angola, Djibouti and the Republic of the Congo.

“Registration of the Sputnik V vaccine in 43 countries confirms its worldwide recognition as one of the key tools in the fight against COVID. The high efficiency, safety and availability of Sputnik V ensure high interest in the drug. The approval of the vaccine in Sri Lanka will allow diversifying the national portfoli of. vaccines and will provide additional opportunities to protect the population”, – said the head of the fund, Kirill Dmitriev.


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