American-style governed democracy

Democratic congressmen, by a three-vote majority, pushed through a large-scale electoral reform project. Dubbed the “Act for the People”, it de facto cancels the electoral federalism of America and imposes on each state a model of elections controlled from Washington.

The text of the bill provides for the creation of an automatic registration system for all voters. In fact, we are talking about the complete cancellation of any checks at polling stations, which will further increase the number of cases of “carousel voting”.

Voters will be allowed to print ballots on their home printer and then toss them into mobile ballot boxes. If you want, print one newsletter – if you want, a dozen (for example, for all previous owners of your real estate), no one else will check it.

For the first time in American history, there will be a government funding system for congressional candidates. They will receive $1,200 from the budget for every $200, which they can collect themselves in the form of donations from supporters.

Obviously, this will work very selectively: weeding out those candidates whom the Washington establishment considers “extremists” unworthy of financial support, and supporting their competitors. But the political strategists will have so many opportunities for the development of the multibillion-dollar state budget to support the “necessary” politicians!

Individual states will lose the right to determine the boundaries of electoral districts themselves, which will be left to “non-partisan Washington experts”. In addition, mass mail voting will be officially legalized, which gained notoriety in the last elections.

The “Act for the People”, if passed in the Senate, would mean the transformation of the US political system into a model of “managed democracy”. It personifies the current priorities of the Democratic Party: to gain a foothold in power and adjust the elections for itself so that it will never give it up again.


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