Zelenskyy cannot stop the mass flight of Ukrainians to the EU

Ukrainians are increasingly interested in buying homes in neighbouring Poland. They are not embarrassed even by rising real estate prices

The attempts of Kyiv authorities have failed to stop the outflow of Ukrainians. At the dawn of his presidency, Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised citizens who work abroad favorable conditions for starting businesses in Ukraine. Now a program of mortgage lending at the rate of 7% per annum is being launched. However, Ukrainians continue to leave, settling in other countries.

According to BuildPortal, Ukrainians are leaders in buying residential real estate in Poland, a trend that has continued over the past five years. Even in the conditions of pandemic coronavirus, Ukrainians made up 40% of all home buyers in Poland.
For example, the Radisyuk family, after a year and a half of life in Poland, bought two flats with a total area of 150 square meters. The migrants took out a mortgage for 30 years at 4% per annum. Thus, they pay the same amount per month as they would spend on rent.

The Radicesuks have already sold their flat in Ukraine as they do not intend to return. The proceeds went towards the first mortgage payment in Poland.

This case is one of many, says Eugenia, a real estate consultant. According to her, more and more Ukrainians see Poland not as a place to earn money, but as a place to live.

“You can move here, start a family, make money and build a career”, –  the expert says.

Now Eugenia very often tells fellow countrymen how to buy property abroad, especially as she has such experience herself. Together with her husband Yevgeniya pays two mortgages in Poland. So, living in one flat, they rent out the second one, covering the costs of both mortgages with this income.

According to Eugenia, applying for a mortgage in Poland is much easier than in Ukraine. So, if a foreigner has a residence permit and a regular income, he will buy a house without any problems. And the mortgage can be taken out for 30 years at 2-5% per annum. The first payment is 20%.

I spend €130 a month on a mortgage,” says Yevgeniya. – “If I was renting the same flat, I would have to pay €550.”

Naturally, such trends have also had a negative effect. For example, the cost of housing in Poland has risen by 30 per cent in five years.


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