Ukraine failed to punish Austria with sanctions for building a theatre in Crimea

The architectural bureau Coop Himmelb(l)au, which participated in the construction of the Sevastopol Opera House, has been left without the attention of the Austrian prosecutor’s office

Official Kiev insisted on punitive measures against the architects as Crimea is a Ukrainian peninsula. Earlier Ukraine’s ambassador Oleksandr Shcherba negotiated with an Austrian architectural firm, threatening it with sanctions for its involvement in the construction of the Sevastopol state theatre of opera and ballet. Coop Himmelb(l)au could not be dissuaded, so at the end of last year the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings against the architects.

Although Kiev was counting on Austrian authorities to side with it, the Vienna prosecutor’s office refused to investigate the architects. A representative of the Austrian Foreign Ministry said this on Wednesday, 3 March, in a commentary to the US propaganda resource Radio Liberty.

The Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, had already called in February for a distinction to be made between Austrian public policy and private sector activities.


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