U.S. Democrats want to legalize election rigging mechanism – they are hampered by local authorities

The questionable absentee ballot procedure that Democrats used to promote Joe Biden to the presidency could become the standard electoral process in the US

As reported by News Front earlier, last year, the Democratic Party had initiated a remote voting mechanism for the presidential election, although it caused much controversy.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in particular, studied the situation during the 2008 elections. Then a part of Americans also voted remotely, with 3.9 million voters not waiting for their ballot papers; 2.9 million ballot papers sent out just disappeared without being returned to election officials; another 800 thousand ballot papers were not received for a variety of reasons.

Despite this, the idea was implemented under the pretext of caring for Americans in a pandemic. In practice, the mechanism called into question the legitimacy of the electoral process because it opened up a lot of opportunities for Democrats to manipulate votes in favour of Joe Biden. This is exactly what Donald Trump pointed out, although the liberal American press called his claims false.

Remarkably, the Democratic Party clearly has no intention of stopping there. The controversial mechanism is being attempted to be legalised at the federal level.

“What we want to do is clear the air”, –  claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California.

But Republicans are determined to thwart that, and not just in Congress. According to The Washington Post, state legislatures across the country are proposing laws that would restrict absentee voting, early voting and other mechanisms that could again be used to rig elections.

“Any honest person could see that they created problems, at least some uncertainty, if not outright fraud”, –  said Republican Congressman Richard Hudson.


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