Troubles in the liberal establishment

While the Republicans are healing their wounds in Florida and dreaming of a rematch in 2022, the Democrats, having just taken power, find themselves at the centre of numerous scandals that will probably symbolise the next two years of Washington politics

Troubles in the liberal establishment

The managerial crisis in the Biden administration is gaining momentum. The Senate postponed a vote on Nira Tanden’s nomination to head the White House budget office. Tanden proved to be too “toxic” – because of her addiction to conspiracy theories and corruption stories.

An even more iconic scandal haunts Congresswoman Debi Holann of New Mexico, whom Biden proposes to make Secretary of the Interior. She has announced that she earned only $4,000 for 2018 – that’s three times the cost of living in her state.

What’s more, as one of the leaders of New Mexico’s Indian reservations, Holann is known to be closely associated with the local semi-criminal gambling business. Apparently, she is trying not to highlight it, for which she is even willing to go to outright forgery and concealment of income.

After a long delay, the Democrats in Congress have finally decided on a gigantic $1.9 trillion financial aid bill for Americans. It will include a $350 billion “rescue plan” for bankrupt liberal states and their failed governments.

The Washington bureaucracy will not be left penniless – all federal employees will get up to 15 weeks of paid holiday and $21,000, while ordinary Americans will get 15 times less. So to speak to feel the difference between patricians and plebeians.

Already three women have accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. Amid Cuomo’s fall from political Olympus, the Democrat Party elite have begun to hastily alienate him. Nancy Pelosi was immediately recalled for holding hearings with Cuomo on the harassment issue in 2015.

Meanwhile, the liberal public is outraged at the refusal to raise the wage rate to $15 an hour, instead the Democrats are handing out more money to lobbyists, officials and the MIC to bomb Syria. The existential intra-party crisis will only intensify in the coming months.

Malek Dudakov


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