Media: Beijing is preparing for a long fight with the US

China’s leadership can no longer base its national plans on expectations of a stable relationship with the US. This is what the Chinese edition of China Leadership writes

“There is a widespread perception among officials and experts in China that America’s influence in the international system is declining compared to China’s influence. Many Chinese experts believe that America’s anxiety over its relative decline is the driving force behind its reflexive efforts to undermine China’s rise”, –  says the author of the piece.

Additional problems in China-US relations have arisen since the election of new US President Joe Biden, who has continually emphasised coordination with allies and partners to “counter Chinese behaviour”.

“Key features of Beijing’s medium-term strategy appear to be the desire to lower the temperature of tensions with the United States, strengthen ties with its neighbours, and deepen relations with Russia”, –  China Leadership stressed.

Russian politician and Senator Alexei Pushkov noted that the issue of creating a Chimerica or “Big Two” (G2) comprising the US and China, which is sometimes speculated about by political experts, is simply not feasible.

“The idea, which in purely theoretical terms was sometimes discussed a few years ago, has now completely died out, except in some Telegram channels. Geopolitical fantasies may be entertaining for fans of the genre, but they have nothing to do with real politics”, –  believes Pushkov.


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