Germany concerned about censorship and political persecution in Ukraine

Bundestag MP Waldemar Gerdt has expressed concern about the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. The issue of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s sanctioning of three TV channels has been put on the agenda of a Bundestag committee

“The TV channels have been accused without trial of pro-Russian propaganda and misrepresentation of the political situation in Ukraine. It is hard not to agree that this decision is unprecedented and will have significant consequences both for freedom of speech and resonance in international politics with regard to Ukraine”, –  the speaker of the Interparliamentary Human Rights Commission of the Alternative for Germany faction said.

The German MP stressed that the Ukrainian authorities were “departing from the course of liberal and democratic reforms” and were abandoning “the fundamentals of a democratic state and social order in favour of a radical policy of nationalism”.

“Incidents of reprisals against their own citizens are no longer an exception. Bans on freedom of speech and expression and the political persecution of journalists with an alternative form of reporting are in the long run a breeding ground for attacks on religious and national diversity”, –  the Inter-Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights said in a statement.

Gerdt said that in the future such a crackdown on the country’s citizens could lead to the creation of a “mono-national authoritarian state of Ukraine that has nothing in common with universally recognised human rights and European values in particular”.


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