Europeans blame EU authorities for slow introduction of COVID-19 vaccines – survey

The ratings of national governments and EU leaders are declining because of problems with the authorities’ response to the spread of the coronavirus

This is the result of a poll conducted by Kekst CNC in February published by Politico.

The survey shows that 51% of Germans surveyed believe that the EU has done a poor job in introducing COVID-19 vaccines. This view was shared by 35% of French and 24% of Swedish respondents.

Last year, the UK became one of the worst affected countries by the coronavirus due to the incompetent policies of Boris Johnson’s government. Despite this, 77% of those surveyed here approve of their government’s work on vaccination. At the same time, 45% said that the EU has done a poor job in this regard.

The survey also shows that citizen dissatisfaction has an impact on the ratings of national politicians. For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s net rating rose from +54% in June 2020 to +23% in February 2021. Support for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dropped from -7% to -13%, French President Emmanuel Macron from -15% to -16% and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leuven from 7% to -17%.


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