Chinese Foreign Ministry says Beijing has no involvement in Microsoft hacking

The ministry noted that accusations of hacking against a country’s government are a “particularly sensitive political issue”

Chinese authorities are against cyberattacks and have nothing to do with attempts to hack into Microsoft’s software. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday.

“China is strongly against any kind of cyber attacks. This is our clear and unequivocal position,” he told a regular briefing commenting on the Microsoft situation. – “As for accusing a country’s government of hacking, this is a particularly sensitive political issue.”

The diplomat pointed to the existence of complex and controversial content in the online space, which is shaped by the media and blogs of all kinds.

“We hope that the media and companies concerned will take a professional and responsible stance <…> and not make unfounded accusations,” Wang Wenbin concluded.

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled an update to its Exchange Server software amid allegations that a number of private companies in the US may have been attacked through it by a group of hackers allegedly linked to China.


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