Trump’s comeback

Trump’s first public speech since his resignation from the US presidency has taken place. He gave a speech before the main annual conference of the American right, CPAC, now taking place in Florida, not far from the retired president’s residence

Trump labeled Biden’s first month in office as “the most destructive” in American history, calling his policies “anti-worker, anti-family and anti-science”. In Trump’s view, the interests of Americans for Biden are at the bottom of the list.

Immediately after Biden came to power, the US faced two crises – energy and migration. Washington’s failure to help Texas and the suspension of the border wall were cited by Trump as indicators of the Biden administration’s “political impotence”.

Trump has not forgotten Biden’s broken campaign promises – like providing financial aid to Americans or opening schools. Both the former and the latter, which Biden promised to do immediately after the inauguration, are now delayed until at least April.

There has been much talk on the sidelines of CPAC about the possibility of creating a new movement – the “Patriotic Party” – for Trump supporters. However, Trump himself has rejected such an idea, instead calling on Republicans to unite and win congressional elections in 2022.

Every year CPAC takes a poll among right-wing activists on who they would like to see as their leader. Trump won easily, with 55%, but Florida Governor Ron DiSantis – Trump’s possible “successor” – came in second place by a wide margin.

During the speech, Trump did not openly announce his presidential nomination in 2024, although he did leave the possibility open to him. By holding such an affair, Trump hopes to maintain ideological control of the party and become the chief arbiter of the next Republican primary.

Malek Dudakov


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