British PM decides to collect donations to repair his flat

London officials are working to set up a charity that will raise money to renovate British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apartment


According to The Guardian newspaper, government officials did not deny information that Johnson is counting on charity to help maintain his apartment, as well as other government offices.
It is worth noting that the idea is not new. The US authorities have long relied on sponsorship contributions to renovate the White House. In particular, according to an established tradition, the new president spends $100,000 on cosmetic repairs to the residence at the expense of private donors.

“The Downing Street complex is a working building that also houses two ministerial residences. As with successive administrations, repairs and maintenance are done periodically”, – a government spokesman said when asked by reporters about the charity.

Without denying Johnson’s approach, he said expenditure items relating to repairs to Downing Street “are dealt with in the government’s annual report and financial statements”.


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