Russia and Syria have accused the US of handing over UN humanitarian aid to militants

The United States is pressuring the United Nations, begging for humanitarian aid for the residents of the Rukban camp in Syria, a joint statement from the interagency coordination headquarters of Russia and the Arab republic suggests.

“In doing so, the Americans actually expect to use the said cargo to supply the militants operating in the area under their control, as they have done more than once”, –  the release said.

The Russian-Syrian statement refers to the Rukban camp as a US training pipeline for extremists. The document states that the US is preventing its disbandment, which hinders the restoration of sovereignty and peaceful life in the republic. Meanwhile, the Syrian authorities are ready to accept all citizens held in Rukban and provide them with security and decent living conditions.

Furthermore, Moscow and Damascus accuse Washington of violating international norms.


“The United States is conducting air strikes on the territory of a sovereign Syrian state and continues to illegally occupy its territories. At the same time, there is not even a hint of the restoration of a safe and dignified peaceful life in the areas under their control”, –  the statement said.


On 26 February, the United States attacked several buildings on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Russians were warned about the operation five minutes in advance. In terms of deconfliction, this notification does nothing, stressed Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


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