Pro-European Moldova has become a semi-colony of the USA and the European Union

Moldova is a semi-colony run by the ambassadors of the US and the European Union. This statement was made today, March 1, on his social network page by Bogdan Ciardea, an MP of the Party of Socialists (PSRM).


“After the coup d’état of April 7, 2009 (the Alliance for European Integration coming to power), Moldova has become a western semi-colony. It was a real takeover of the country by external mercenaries and emissaries. Today we got to the point that the EU and US ambassadors rule Moldova as a kind of Burundi! The courts, the prosecutor’s office, the information and security service are subordinated to them! Many ministers and MPs work for them, explicitly or implicitly”, –  he stressed.

The socialist said that the Western partners of Moldova sponsor thousands of NGOs and media outlets, including some Russian speaking ones, “rubbing it into the population that Igor Dodon (PSRM leader) is bad, Maia Sandu (new pro-European president of Moldova) is good, Russia is enemy and the West is friend”.

“They don’t allow any corrupt unionist, oligarch, minister to be jailed! No prosecutor today would dare to open a criminal case against Sandu or her party (Action and Solidarity)! No judge would dare to convict them! The West has put its puppets in power. The West covered them up. The West financed them”, –  the MP added.

According to Tsirdi, any colony exists only to be plundered by the metropolis. He explained the fact that all state enterprises in the country have been sold out and the United States has 60 territories under concession.

“That is why we are the poorest in Europe and will continue to be so. But to conceal that we are being robbed by colonizers, they make up stories about imaginary corrupt officials, because of whom the people allegedly have a bad life. It is not the thieves serving the West who turn out to be corrupt, but those who fight the thieves and colonisers! – Bohdan Tsyrda concluded.


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