Pashinyan’s opponents stormed the government building

Demonstrators demand the resignation of the current prime minister of Armenia

RIA Novosti reports from Yerevan that a crowd of Pashinyan’s opponents stormed a government building where a number of ministries are located.

“The Maidan in Yerevan proves to us once again that a divided society will give birth to new riots. Removing one of the irritants – Pashinyan himself – is one opportunity to smooth over the rift,” political expert Semyon Uralov commented on the events in Armenia.

According to the political scientist, Pashinyan will hold on to power to the end, because his function is to cause maximum damage to the Armenian statehood. He is now putting the general staff and the armed forces in a state of crisis.

“Pashinyan’s task is to drive the state into crisis and divide society as much as possible. After that, to sail off to lecture the U.S. and the EU about how they failed to instill democracy in the ancient mountain people. Because Russia got in the way,” Uralov ironically observes.


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