Belarusian opposition asks Ukraine to impose sanctions

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation, created by the opposition, has submitted to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) a list of sports officials from Belarus, whom it proposes to restrict entry to Ukraine

 The foundation said so in a Facebook post published today, March 1.

“The sanctions list includes the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Sergey Kovalchuk and his deputies: Mikhail Portnoy, Alexander Baraula, Vyacheslav Durnov, as well as a number of other sports officials”, – the foundation specified.

In this regard, representatives of the Belarusian opposition asked the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and the SBU to “support the attached list and submit it to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to include the specified Belarusian officials in the field of sports in the sanctions lists of Ukraine against the subjects of the Belarusian regime for undermining democracy.

We shall remind you that protests against the results of the presidential election have been going on in Belarus since 9 August 2020. The incumbent head of state, Aleksandr Lukashenko, was declared the winner. The opposition considers the election results to be falsified and demands the resignation of the Belarusian leader. In August 2020, the opposition set up the Sport Solidarity Fund, which was chaired by three-time Olympic swimming medalist Aliaksandra Gersimeni. Earlier, the Fund supported the cancellation of the World Hockey Championship in Minsk in 2021, and announced its intention to seek the cancellation of all international competitions in Belarus.


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