Global COVID-19 vaccine deficiency leads to black market

In the EU countries, vaccine procurement programs are accepted, proposals from each other are considered, as well as the purchase of vaccines from Russia and China and even from some private brokers, many of which are outright scammers.

Global COVID-19 vaccine deficiency leads to black market

Amid the slow supply of COVID vaccine, EU countries are desperately looking for a solution, according to The New York Times, and black markets for vaccines of dubious quality are emerging.

“Amid growing anger over the sluggish deployment of the coronavirus vaccine in the European Union, leaving them far behind several other wealthy countries, many EU states are moving beyond the joint procurement strategy of Brussels, which now seems terribly unconvincing”, – the newspaper writes.

According to the first results of an investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Agency, which were leaked to The New York Times, there is already a huge black – or at least gray – market that sells vaccines from around the world at exorbitant prices. Vendors, reaching out to authorities, say they are offering 460 million doses of vaccines.


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