US Air Force has problems – NATO assessed the Russian missile system “Pantsir-S”

The Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile-gun system is an ideal weapon against the combat drones that the United States is actively using.

The NATO Air Force Joint Center of Excellence has dedicated a full report to the Russian air defense missile system, which NATO classifies as the “SA-22 Greyhound”. The document indicates that the characteristics of the Pantsir-S were sharpened for specific tasks: point protection against air raids and cover for long-range air defense systems. But thanks to such parameters, the air defense missile system is “ideal” for combating a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles, the report says.

“It made it possible to close the gap in the regular air defense units associated with special systems for countering large-sized UAVs and systems for dealing with small drones”, – NATO believes.

Summing up, the authors of the report warn that Pantsir-S and its analogues pose a serious threat to the North Atlantic Alliance and its key force – the American army. As you know, the United States is actively using drones in combat operations. In this regard, NATO experts recommend eliminating Pantsir-S before engaging in battle.


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