“Sputnik V” for Europeans: Germany plans to create a vaccination point at the Moscow airport

Intellinews reports that German national carrier Lufthansa plans to create the first Corona Lounge class at Moscow airport, which will allow wealthy Europeans from other countries to fly to Moscow and receive the Sputnik V vaccine without ever entering the country.

"Sputnik V" for Europeans: Germany plans to create a vaccination point at the Moscow airport

The German edition of Intellinews notes that Germany is facing “a chronic shortage of any vaccine” and rich Germans are trying to jump over the queue and get access to the Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Sputnik V”, which was highly praised by the authoritative scientific journal The Lancet, calling it the safest and most effective vaccine.

“But the rich don’t want to wait that long. Lufthansa is betting that they are ready to buy special tickets to Moscow, where the company intends to create a special waiting room in Moscow, isolated from the rest of the airport, where Europeans can get the vaccine without having to cross the border”, – the newspaper writes.

Germany is currently in the midst of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The incidence rate is not declining and the rate of vaccination remains slow. Many Germans are outraged that Germany has not yet organized the Sputnik V vaccination for the population.

According to the newspaper, the chairman of the board of directors of Domodedovo airport Dmitry Kamenshchik supports such an initiative, but the creation of a “zone for vaccination” will have to be coordinated with the top Russian leadership.


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