German business suffers losses while the country’s authorities are playing Russophobes

The anti-Russian policy of Europe has long demonstrated its ineffectiveness and even harm, but the lesson is still not learned, and entrepreneurs are paying for the actions of officials.

According to the Das Erste TV channel, the German company Cryotec is one of the many affected by the government’s policies. The enterprise, which had been cooperating with the Russian Federation for a long time, had to send a cryogenic unit for an air separation unit to a Russian customer. The apparatus, together with its components, should have been in Nizhny Novgorod for a long time, but the German bureaucratic machine made its own adjustments.

“The plant will be used to generate high purity nitrogen. The Russian client will use it in the production of microelectronics and semiconductors”, – Corine Tsige, Managing Director of Cryotec, explains.

She noted that a special export permit was always required for deliveries to Russia. Cryotec had a license, but it was canceled ahead of time, and without explanation. As a result, the customer cannot receive the equipment, and the German company cannot receive its own money.

The responsibility for the situation rests with the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control, but they refuse to comment on the situation. Cryotec is confident that the incident is related to tensions in Russian-German relations.


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