After airstrike on Syria, Congress demands to limit Biden’s powers

The provocative decision of the elderly Democrat Joe Biden makes his associates think about how to limit the president’s military powers.

As News Front reported, earlier, the US President ordered an air strike on infrastructure facilities in Syria, which were used by pro-Iranian armed groups. This move was criticized not only in Tehran. Democrats in the US Congress also demanded an explanation from Biden.

“The American people deserve to hear the administration’s arguments for these actions, as well as their legal rationale”, – said Senator Tim Kane.

“Offensive military action without congressional approval is not constitutional unless there is an emergency”.

He was supported by Chris Murphy, a Democratic Senator from Connecticut and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. He urged fellow party members to take the military moves of the current administration seriously, especially in countries like Syria.

Biden’s actions also rekindled new controversy in Congress over limiting the president’s military powers that have existed since the Iraq war. Thus, Congresswoman Barbara Lee called on not only to deprive Biden of a number of powers, but also to return to a dialogue with Iran regarding the nuclear deal.


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