Sandu intends to block approval of the Moldovan government

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said she would continue to block the government’s approval in order to secure early parliamentary elections. She stated this in an interview with Pro TV.

Sandu intends to block approval of the Moldovan government

“I see no point in nominating a new candidate for the post of the Prime Minister. […] The MPs must either agree on the dissolution of parliament themselves, or we are waiting for March 23. As I said, socialists and others can and have the right to initiate impeachment”, – Sandu said.

The Moldovan parliament can be dissolved on March 23: on this day, the deadline set by the constitution for the approval of the government expires. Earlier, the Constitutional Court (CC) of Moldova recognized Sandu’s decree on re-nominating an unacceptable candidate for the post of prime minister illegal and obliged the president to coordinate this issue with the deputies.

However, Sandu refused to comply with the court’s decision, justifying this by the fact that the Constitutional Court’s verdict “is applicable to a normal situation, now we have an abnormal situation”.


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