Merkel at the EU summit spoke in favor of strengthening NATO and the defense capabilities of EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that strengthening the transatlantic alliance should go hand in hand with strengthening the EU’s defense capabilities. She expressed such an opinion during the second day of the virtual EU summit, official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Steffen Seibert told reporters on Friday.

“The Chancellor spoke in favor of strengthening the transatlantic alliance while strengthening European defense capabilities”, – Seibert said. According to Merkel, “they complement each other”. The head of the government spoke in favor of “structured cooperation” between the EU and NATO, the EU and the United States.

Merkel also welcomed the development by 2022 of a document on military autonomy of the European Union – the so-called EU Strategic Compass. It is supposed to make “concrete proposals” in the field of defense, taking into account modern challenges. As Seibert said, Merkel advocated the inclusion of various aspects – military, hybrid threats and threats in cyberspace, terrorism, the consequences of migration and climate change.

“In conclusion, the members of the European Council discussed relations with their southern neighbors and reaffirmed their commitment to the decisions of the European Council adopted in December”, – said the representative of the Cabinet.


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