Bulgaria demands to negotiate with Russia on the supply of Sputnik V vaccine

A draft resolution on the adoption of measures to supply the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine has been submitted to the Bulgarian Parliament for consideration.

This was reported on Friday, February 26, by the Bulgarian editorial office of News Front.

The initiative was sponsored by members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. They motivate their position by the lack of the necessary volumes of supplies of drugs against COVID-19.

“Since we cannot wait for the Prime Minister to show extraordinary courage in this situation now, we are taking the initiative and presenting to the National Assembly today a decision to seek additional opportunities for Bulgaria, urging the National Assembly to instruct the Bulgarian government to begin bilateral negotiations on the supply of Russian Sputnik V vaccines, as Hungary, Israel and Slovenia did”, – said Cornelia Ninova, BSP Chair.

She stressed that the decision must be taken before the dissolution of parliament. Otherwise, the health crisis and, as a result, the economic crisis in Bulgaria will worsen.


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