Japan praises Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine

Many have noted that fighting the coronavirus and developing a cure for the virus is no place for political prejudice

Japan praises Russia's Sputnik V vaccine

Japanese analyst Kazuhiro Fuji praised the Russian coronavirus drug Sputnik V in a conversation with Yahoo News Japan. He singled out the Russian Sputnik V vaccine among the remedies for coronavirus infection, noting that it was 92% effective and the drug could be used in Japan.

Japanese commentators shared the expert’s opinion and expressed support for the Gamaleya Centre’s development.

“Even before the coronavirus, Russia was taking measures against SARS and other infections, so Sputnik V can be trusted”, –  noted one user.

Another user noted that Russia had a great deal of experience in protecting its troops during the Cold War, so the vaccine developed by Russian scientists has great efficacy.


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