France says it is interested in access to vaccines from Russia and other countries

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said “the situation with the epidemic remains of concern”

France is interested in making effective vaccines from Russia and other countries available to Europe to fight the coronavirus. French government spokesman, Secretary of State Gabriel Attal, said on Wednesday.

“The epidemic is a problem of global proportions to which the whole world is now mobilised,” he said during his weekly briefing. “We are, of course, interested in ensuring that as many reliable and effective vaccines as possible are offered worldwide, including in Europe and in France,” emphasised Attal. – Obviously, we would also like to see the largest number of such vaccines submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for certification. This applies to the Russian vaccine Sputnik V as well as to vaccines from other countries”.

The Defence Council met on Wednesday morning at the Elysee Palace, chaired by French President Emmanuel Macron, to discuss the pandemic situation in the republic and the pace of vaccination against the coronavirus. According to Attal, “the situation with the epidemic remains a matter of concern”. The government spokesman stated that “the incidence of the disease has started rising again”.

On 9 February, a representative of the Russian Direct Investment Fund said that the Russian side had applied for registration of the Sputnik V vaccine in the European Union on 29 January. The European regulator later said that it had not received an application for the registration of Sputnik V. At the same time, the EMA claimed that the vaccine developers had only received scientific advice from the agency, which involves providing the latest regulatory and scientific information regarding vaccine production.


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