Tihanovskaya hopes for renewed protests in Belarus

Main Belarusian housewife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitri Gordon that she hoped for the resumption of protests in Belarus

“I think, yes – the protests will be renewed. We need to apply pressure from all sides. Inside the country one should whip them into a frenzy by minor manifestations of protest. We should put pressure externally and carry out some investigations at the international level to make them understand that no one will remain unpunished”, –  said Tikhanovskaya.

Protests started in Belarus on August 9, 2020, after the election results were announced. According to official CEC figures, Alexander Lukashenko won more than 80 percent of the vote and became president for the sixth time. However, Tikhanovskaya did not recognise the election results and took part in organising protests by opposition activists who consider her “the winner of the presidential election”.


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