The German Military Intelligence Service identified 477 cases of right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr in 2020

This is 114 more cases than the year before

The German military counterintelligence detected 477 cases of right-wing extremism and racism in the Bundeswehr (the country’s armed forces) last year, 114 more than the year before. The German Armed Forces Commissioner for the Bundestag, Eva Högl, told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday.

Thus, 363 cases of right-wing extremism were detected in the German Armed Forces in 2019. According to Högl, such an increase indicates that there is an urgent need to counter this phenomenon.

“Investigations, sanctions and preventive measures are needed – consistent, comprehensive and swift. This is a long-term task that concerns the entire society, including the Bundeswehr”, –  the commissioner said.

Meanwhile, she said the number of incidents of Islamism in the Bundeswehr in 2020 had fallen from 77 in 2019 and 31


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