Nord Stream 2 opponents concerned over Biden’s inaction – Axios

Opponents of the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Central and Eastern Europe are concerned about the policy of U.S. President Joe Biden, who, they believe, is not prepared to take action to stop the project

It was reported by news portal Axios.

“This is the first test of whether Biden’s harsh rhetoric on Russia will be accompanied by action. Russia’s opponents fear that Biden is unwilling to confront Angela Merkel and do serious damage to Germany”, –  according to the paper.

The paper stresses that the completion of the pipeline and its commissioning would be “a huge geopolitical victory for Russia and give it new leverage over Europe”.

Axios’s source said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is concerned that Joe Biden during the Munich Security Conference “did not assure his intention to use any tools to stop Nord Stream 2″.

Earlier it was reported that the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Poland, in an interview with Politico, asked Biden to “use all means to build the pipeline”. The White House has not yet responded to the foreign ministers’ “appeals”.

“Nord Stream 2 envisages the construction of two pipeline routes with a total capacity of around 55 billion cubic metres of gas a year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany.”


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